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The affordable Hostel in the heart of Styria!


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Festwiese 2

8665 Langenwang


You are also welcome to book with us by email.


Watch out for Google Maps!
Please enter “Gästedorf Waldheimat” in Google Maps. If you are only looking for Festwiese 2, the address will not be displayed correctly.

Bank details

Gaestedorf Waldheimat @ Sparkasse Mürzzuschlag

IBAN: AT162082800000006767 | BIC: SPMZAT21XXX


Once you are in Langenwang, the way to the guest village is easy to find.


Please note: the Festwiese is not passable - just use Siglgasse to bypass .

Download the route map

as .pdf on your device.


There is a public parking lot directly in front of the guest village, which our guests are welcome to use.
If this is already occupied, you can use other public parking spaces. You can also park publicly behind the Billa supermarket (within sight of the guest village).

Buses can stop in front of the village at any time to unload. For parking you can park directly on the fairground. In winter the Langenwanger Eislanlage is located there. Parking for buses is also permitted behind the Billa supermarket all year round.

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